The past tense of Promise. Made sure they will do something or that something will happen.
"I promised to go to the park at 2:30pm"

"He promised to stop with the jokes but he didn't stop"
by Shitass, True God May 1, 2021
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When someone threatens you with something you actually want you can reply “promises promises”
Stop that now or I’ll spank you!”
Promises promises
by WhipperSnapper January 17, 2020
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The definition of Beautiful. The real meaning of 'One in a million'. Usually of exqusite natural beauty. Smart & Witty, headstrong & focussed. Determined, stubborn as hell! Loving and playful. The most fabulous smile, which lights up a room. Simply stunning inside and out. A diamond in the rough.
You are truely blessed if you ever meet a Promise...
by Ispeakonlythetruth February 4, 2010
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Someone or something that has the potential to be awesome.

awesome potential hopeful valuable
"He seems like a promising politician" (note: awesomeness, here, is rarely seen)

"Her plan to invest in earplugs for the deaf sounds promising"
by Franz730 August 25, 2008
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Something that you can't break. Ever.
"Promise?" - Finn
"Promise." - Eleven
by Mike Byers October 7, 2016
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Something that many people make but few people keep.
I promise I'll pay you the money back.
by AmbientLion January 16, 2004
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In British English, "on a promise" simply means that you have arranged to or at least expect to have sex with someone in the near future - usually your regular partner.
Sorry, Dave. No drinks for me tonight. The wife found the handcuffs we used on our weddin' night, so it looks like I'm on a promise, know what I mean?
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