Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which, several levels of recursion later, solves the real problem you're working on.
origin: MIT AI Lab, after 2000: orig. probably from a Ren & Stimpy episode.
by Brandon April 4, 2005
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The process of removing hair from a yak using a traditional shaving method, typically involving a razor blade, or another sharp tool, to scrape away hairs from the skin's surface.
"Where is Robby today?"
"Robby is busy yak shaving."
"Interesting. I had forgotten that yak farmers had to worry about that this time of year."
Robby's girlfriend:
"Yeah, he really needed to shave his yaks."
by sad_boi_roberto September 16, 2020
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a word to describe a task really tough that causes a lot of hard work to complete the task is also useless and u do it for fun coming from the fact it is hard to shave a yak
It was yak shaving eating 77 burgers
by arson_investigator May 30, 2021
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A word used to describe what happens when you are shaving a yak
"What are they doing over there?"
"Son, they are yak shaving."
by basicbadger May 11, 2021
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When the Great Yak comes to shave in your sink and leaves behind his Shaving scum for you to find in the morning!
Oh joy! Merry Yak Shaving! The Great Yak has come up my toilet and left me his Shaving scum! I ought to show this to all the kids at school! I'll finally be the cool kid!!!!
by ItsYakShavingDay! April 9, 2021
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When a female has so much public hair that you need a weed wacker
Dayum bitch ya' finna need some yak shaving done.
by Den drinks his own cum. September 25, 2020
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