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related to the butt ppl call it the anol area sometimes
by arson_investigator February 20, 2021
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my username, but also, someone who gets a call from a fireman/firewoman that the fire is deemed arson, and then the arson investigator will see what device was used i.e molotov cocktail, gas can, lighter. and they will try to catch the suspect.
the arson investigator is investigating the Montreal fire
by arson_investigator October 16, 2021
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a maidboy or maid boy is a trans man or boy who transitioned into a girl or woman and is attracted to other women which makes him bi aka bisexual. the person also wants to called "bisexual and trans" rather then lesbian, in order to be a maidboy
maidboy is ofter confused with catboy
by arson_investigator August 20, 2021
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ayo look at those pimp nails u can snort so much molly with those
by arson_investigator October 31, 2021
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When you take cheeto's from your young sibling's plate; that's a cheeto tax
"Kids say the darndest things episode 5: I want to do a CHEETO TAX
by arson_investigator January 29, 2021
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