Best engineering school in the world, best pranks in the world, biggest tunnel system outside the Kremlin, heaven for all nerds and wanna-be nerds
MIT: love your beaver

I hate this fucking place
by Globber April 19, 2006
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Mememan institutoot of tehcnologi
by IMakeStupidDefinitions June 19, 2020
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prestigious and cool university in Boston with incredibly hot girls and a generally laid-back student body. These people are much cooler than the stuck-up bastards at my school in the other end of Cambridge...
Dude, let's check out the kick-ass frat parties at MIT tonight.

I'm going to cross-register at MIT to get away from you assholes.
by HarvardMan January 24, 2004
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The best engineering school in the world, Founded in 1861, admitting its first student in 1865. In Cambridge, MA; outside of Boston, One of the many top-notch schools in the country that call Cambridge home. Including Harvard, Boston College, Tufts, and Boston University. With the worlds best practical jokesters, mostly the undergrad students. Infamous for crashing the Harvard v. Princeton Football game, because MIT doesn't have a football team, some of the pranks include:
1. Hacking into the scoreboard and spelling out MIT
2. Putting a huge inflatable ballon like thing under the grass on the end-zone/sidelines, that is remote activated and having it rise up and explode white powder during the game.
3. Putting some kind of thing on the end-zone, which exploded and spelled MIT.

Other pranks include:
1. Getting an old VW Beetle on top of the library dome.
2. Putting "water bombs" in the River
Athletic Director of Harvard: So the Princeton game is coming up, I wonder what those darn MIT kids are going to do this time.
Secretary: Who knows, ever-year we try and stop them but some how they get by the campus security. I wonder how they do it.
Athletic Director: I bet you those geniuses have a teleportation machine, that allows them to get on to the field unnoticed.

Secretary: Oh yea sure... or maybe they have invisibility cloaks like in Harry Potter!!

A little bit latter:
MIT Student 1: Ready for the Harvard v Princeton game?
MIT Student 2: Sure am. I'm firing up the teleportation machine as we speak to set-up the prank.
by handspringgirl February 6, 2010
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acronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge MA. Refered to as "THE ONLY Institute of Technology"
"CalTech, because not everybody can get into MIT"
by Elsiee August 13, 2005
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1. Accronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2. Bastardized accronym meaning Mom I Tried. Used to describe a local community college, or junior college.
I attended the local MIT to raise my grades, and get in a better school.
by Southpaw December 3, 2003
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