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Congnac. As in the brandy. Used by hip-hop / rap artists
Sippin yak
by j May 09, 2003
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The most beautiful animal to every graze the planet Earth and has great powers such as flight, lazer beams, and teleportation. This animal is protected by the Republic of congo for its powers. It would never be defeated anyway
Nobody has every seen a Yak and come out alive
by YakLover February 20, 2019
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A word which can be used as a synonym for the words 'to spit on'. Similar to Delling, it is unknown how the word came to pass, though it is thought that it also came into existence in the boy's common rooms. In the past tense it takes the form of "yaked".
"Gonna have to perform a yak attack"

"Hey did you see how that guy got yaked on?"

" Josh do you have to piss in the bins and yak on the floor?!"
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by Cap'n Spank July 06, 2019
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Acronym: Yugoslav, Albanian, Kosovar, Serb.
Used in security bio descriptions.
There's a buch of YAKS, there up to no good.
by Jim Bladwin April 11, 2004
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