Merry is a genuinely funny and caring person. Even though she might play around or joke a lot, she actually cares on the inside. You’ll be lucky if you meet a Merry because she’ll always make you happy and that she all she cares about. She’s really smart and sometimes dramatic. KEEP HER!!
Boy: I like merry
Boy: I think everyone likes merry!
by mer090 December 29, 2020
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Although he might joke around a lot, he cares in the inside. He’ll always try and cheer you up. And yes even if he does go to the green dragon every night and get drunk as heck, and stealing vegetables from farmer maggots field on a daily basis, he can also be responsible (sometimes) and he is VERY loyal, he cares about his friends and he is a great person in general, he is brave and courageous and he will do anything for the people cares about. He is very kind and loving and he has the most gorgeous curly hair you will ever see, the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest smile that could simply win anyone over. I love Merry so much!
Merry the magnificent
by Maisy Da Hobbit January 30, 2021
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a HILARIOUS person who everybody loves
a person who is nice, funny, fun and a good friend
that person is sooo nice...SHES A MERRY!
by merry December 30, 2005
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The stage inbetween Tipsy and Bladdered.
Im not pissed, im just merry!
by gary December 24, 2004
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English origins, from 12th century,means compassion.
Pronunciation Mer-'re
Hit the peak of popularity In the 50's.
Apparently an assimilated form of Mercy.

Merry is occasionally a short form of Meredith.
Nowadays the name is usually bestowed because of its association with the adjective denoting a cheerful and jolly temperament.
In the accent of Canada and the central and northern US there is no difference in pronunciation between Merry and Mary.
Merry Anders appeared in many movies and TV shows.
by ger,eng,irish girl February 4, 2010
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Merry is a japanese rock band that formed in 2002, known for their rock sound mixed with blues and jazz.
Members are:
Gara on vocals
Yu on guitar
Ken on guitar
Tetsu on bass
Nero on drums
No MERRY No Life!!!!!!!!
by chicachicaslimshady September 1, 2007
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A funny and amazing person that is brave and courageous. He is a great friend and even though he might not show it he has a soft heart. And I love him so much, he is the most handsome hobbit in the shire and he is very loyal to his friends. He also has the most gorgeous curly hair you could ever see and the most beautiful eyes, and his smile that could win almost anyone over :D he is caring and understanding and such a loving person, he is funny and can cheer anyone up :)
Merry the magnificent! He is a great hobbit :)
by Maisy Da Hobbit January 30, 2021
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