The way people who haven't learnt about apostrophes spell didn't
John typed didnt into the essay and his friends laughed because he didn't add an apostrophe.
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Quick way to tell others around u that your annoying, dumb, and toxic all at once, very useful phrase if you wish to loose friends
Man: my grandma just died
Jerk: didnt ask lol
Man: bro-
by Isaacool_101 February 11, 2022
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a fucking dumbass word moron's say like they're in the right
random person: hey guys i got a new phone
dumbass: didn't ask
random person #2: we could care less if you didnt ask, shut up cunt
by Qyinni March 21, 2021
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The thing someone says when they cant argue anymore and know you are right, Typically said in a bitchy tone by that one tiktok "Star" who you are 90% sure will be homeless when they grow up
Guy 1; you are a fucking bitch; you know that
Guy 2; Oop, didnt ask tsktsktsk
by RacistKid November 8, 2020
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literally, none cares if you asked or not. go back and crawl into ur mom's womb you fucking fetus. You aren't important in this world for everyone to care about ur opinion. Nobody cares about you and let's keep it that way none wants ur shitty opinion. if you didn't ask fuck off The world doesn't revolve around you. I can say whatever the fuck and I couldn't care less about your shitty-ass opinion. Everything you say isn't important.
guy: dude I didnt ask.... at all
Me: you aren't even that important in this world I mean did ur parents ask for you?
by Lolorator360 December 4, 2021
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To Blame someone of not having enough proof to back up what they are saying, FUNNY AS HELL TO SAY!
by Tomisvictorious December 22, 2009
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