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Hair that is visible for all to see. Ie, hair on the top of your head. Only one letter from pubic hair, but still the complete oppocite.
- Mary has some really nice pubic hair.
- Dude, you haven't seen her naked!
- Oh. I meant public hair.
by Lehsk June 08, 2005
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If you have so much pubic hair and you don't shave it , it's for everyone to see from under your bikini when you are going to swim.
Jeez! Girl's got some hair!
- *cough**cough* public hair
0.0 YEAH...
by VickyVixen December 27, 2009
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PubLic hair is pubic hair that has been found in a public or communal place such as a bathroom toilet or bathroom shower/tub. The hair may either have fallen out or be the remains of a pubic-shaving session.
Mark: Sick bro, you live in a house with four other guys! You need to learn to remove the evidence of your public hair! I don't want to sit on that shit while I'm sitting on the toilet!
by L. Cullen December 02, 2010
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the moment a pubic hair is released to the general public. wether it be a teabaggingincident, a showing of the catbrains or the goat, or just a very hairy bush in a nudist parade.
woah, that dude that was showing his bubblegum needs to shave off that public hair. or at least wear a public hair net
by jon, the juice, carver March 28, 2006
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When someone's pubic hair becomes dislodged during a visit to the bathroom and remains on the toilet seat or bowl for the next person using the restroom to see, resulting in the transition of your private's hair to a public hair.
Why is it so hard for people to clean their pubes off the toilet when they're done? I don't need to see their public hairs.
by Sockbabies October 05, 2011
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a pubic hair gone on a walkabout somewhere quite visible, possibly on one's shirt or stuck behind a piece of Scotch tape
public hair
so wrong, so human, such a personal hygiene foul
by Ae5Ea8 September 06, 2016
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