An Orig or Origs refers to an "original" username on any internet game, or website. This means it is the exact letters (no substitutions by numbers or any accented letters). Usually numbers do not exist in the name.
A good example of Origs are the usernames "God", "Evil" "Dark", any first name, etc. Of course there are plenty more. The more common or meaningful the word is, typically the more sought after the name is.

"DARK" is an orig. "D4RK" is not.
by vis@useast August 26, 2012
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my shoes are orig or i have orig shoes
by Jake February 4, 2005
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The Asian girl asked, "Did you know that the natural way, the orig. sexual position was the doggy style? I mean look at the other animals! Deer, dogs, horses, whatever. They do it doggy style."
Digitus replied, "Yeah, I knew this but it was cool listening to you."
The Asian girl said, "Thanks. Isn't it interesting that our fav. position is the doggy style?"
Digitus smiled, "Yeah, and it's VERY interesting when we do it!"
The Asian girl laughed.
by Digitus July 27, 2005
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Someone attractive enough to be considered eligible for an orgy.
That handsome man is a good example of someone with great origibility
by December 20, 2014
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