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A funny show from the mid 90's about a chihuahua & a cat that get into all sorts of trouble. And who are CONSTANLY changing houses in every episode.
Erik: Man, that Episode of Ren & Stimpy was funny!

Mike: I know! I can't believe Ren actually did that!
by Ren n Stimpy 96 May 10, 2010
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Two of a kind comedy duo that are always on the look out for a wide open parking lot to get into some shenanigans! While hanging with this popular duo, please be prepared to sign a Disclaimer or risk the chance of never being normal again.
Dee: "Did you hear about those 2 fools that stole the Hot Dog Cart to take to the parking lot party?"

Gloria: "That was just Ren & Stimpy...typical!"
by Stimpy67 February 06, 2010
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1. Two people who are tight as glue. Even if it is out of strange circumstance. No one gets between a Ren & Stimpy.
What the heck happened last night?? I don't know, must have been because Ren & Stimpy were there.
by Reverend Billy B July 13, 2010
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