Commonly used when someone bags you and you can't think of anything to come back with!
Joe: G'day Bob, hows it hangin'?
Bob: Ya mum's hangin?
Joe: Ya Fat!
Bob: Ya Mum's Fat!
Joe: What did I do to do?
Bob: Ya Mum did something to you!

"Joe has logged out."
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004
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A lame, but funny joke. Note that it's not an insult.
"Ya mum"
"Ya mum's mum"

"You suck"
"Ya mum sucks"
by Marbarian May 03, 2005
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1. Self explanatory. Your. Mum.

2. The ultimate standby when unable to think of an insulting comeback.

3. Or, for the ultra-dumb, s phrase used commonly throughout the day for absolutely no reason.
1. "Who's on the phone?"
"Ya mum again."
"Damn it."

2. "You're a douchebag!"
"Ya mum is a douchebag!"

3. "Hi."
"Ya mum."
"How's it going?"
"Ya mum."
"What day is it?"
"Ya mum."
by ya mum. November 23, 2006
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a way of paying out someone and their mother. good phrase if you have a bad vocab.
Augustus: What are you doing up so late brother?
Bartholumew: Ya mum.
by Maddizzle May 26, 2004
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one of the best insults EVER cause there rly isnt a reply insult. used when;
1)u have NO idea what the insult meant
2)u have no other comeback
3)u dont know how to answer the qn or cbf
1) Davo: omgsh look at the MINGER!!!
Julie: ya mum's a minger!
Bill: zing

2) Davo: Julie's ugly!!!
Julie: ya mum!!

3) Bill: oi, davo!
Davo: yeh?
Bill: what's the time?
Davo: ya mum
by sexii May 30, 2007
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