A term used frequently out of laziness, it means "can't be fucked" or "couldn't be fucked" and in some cases "can be fucked" depending on the context.

For instance..
"I cbf going to the movies"
would be "can't be fucked"

"I cbf getting up for work yesterday."
would be "couldn't be fucked"

where as..
"I'll go when I cbf"
would be "can be fucked"
Guy 1: CBF is awesome, shaving off a whole 10 letters. It lets me say things like "I cbf getting up" or shorten down on chat even more like.. "I cbf, ttyl".
Guy 2: Yeah, or "I cbf using a condom when fucking your sister."
Guy 1: ...
by XenoX101 July 27, 2005
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can't be fucked
eg: "i cbf going to work"

can sometimes be used as "can be fucked"
eg: "i'll come around when i cbf"
by ftc May 8, 2003
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CBF: Concrete has been poured into your oral, vaginal, and anal cavities, preventing you from being fucked.
by Your Fucking Mother Douche Bag January 18, 2011
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Can't be fucked
(A) "Can you bye some food from the store?"
by Kasplat September 30, 2010
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C.B.F.= Chunky but Funky;meaning a girl who is somewhat heavy, but sexy as hell.
by Beautiful Struggle August 23, 2005
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cbf stands for current best friend, here is the story. cbf was founded by a girl when she and her good friend was sitting on a rope in the water. the two had been together almost the whole summer and had really get to know eachother and LOVE eachother. the two girls talked about their good friends and who they were close with, and suddenly a unknown word was said. “You are my cbf” she said, the other one asked questioning «huh what is cbf?». «Current best friend» she says.
This is what the word is being defined as. A cbf is not a BFF (best friend forever), but a current best friend. A friend you have gotten close with over a short amount of time. that is real love and I am sure they will be cbf ‘s forever and ever.
by missbull November 9, 2020
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