Slang for vocabulary or gift of speech. Having a strong vernacular.

It's origins might come from an old Fugees song called "Vocab".
"You got the vocab"

"Did you hear that lyric by Jay-Z in that track, Lucifer? Man, he's got the vocab fo sho"
by RodneyB June 2, 2005
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A stupid subject where you need to learn the definition of words but doesn't even help you in life.
Vocab is the worst and stupidest subject but my mom is very good at it.
by supercutekid November 20, 2011
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When someone uses a higher level vocabular word, and wants to flex their innate skill over less-fortunate people. Normally a very toxic use.
Daniel: or shall occurrence of your acquaintance's act of dissecting thou textual communication happen within these 24 hours?
Eric: huh?
Daniel:get vocabed, son
by h0dL-3 May 4, 2020
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The act of doing or learning vocabulary or grammar.
Students, let's start vocabing on page 12 of the textbook.
by Big_Brain_Boi September 24, 2019
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A way of trolling in which you use difficult, long and not commonly known words to confuse or annoy someone.
Dude, I vocab trolled this kid and he had no idea what I was talking about.
by paspaspas November 16, 2014
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what you yell after using a word from your vocabulary unit. usually used among middle school or high school students
guy1: Yo you look like a wreck man. why you dressin' all Slovenly, vocab word...bitch.
guy2: yo why you dress all Pretentious like, vocab word.haha
guy1: you didn't even use that word right
guy2: stfu
by Roger Federer March 6, 2012
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the language at hersey high school includes: might, syke, get em!, buff, and various quotes from jersey shore such as "come at me bro"
yo come at me bro, you MIGHT get em! you're real buff... syke! are some examples of hersey vocab words
by jhhssuup September 24, 2010
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