Quite possibly the most badass dude in history. He succeeded Julius Cesar and became the emperor of the Roman Empire for 40 years.
"I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble. That is one of Augustus' most famous quotes."
by Toastly January 16, 2012
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A legendary dick Jedi that has mastered the power of his dick to exert power over others. He is usually controlled by lust and will do anything for a quick fuck. Friends should be careful presenting their girlfriends around him as they are easily seduced by the power of his big dick energy.
Yesterday Augustus walked into my apartment with his dick hanging out, I just couldn’t resist and I let him do me right there.
by Jhnu April 11, 2019
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A nice, sweet, kind hearted guy. He will always be there for you. Even when you tell him not to....Which you probably wouldn't do that.... He may have eyes that change colors like from Gray to blue to green. He has Brown hair. He Will NEVER betray you.
Girl: hey look at that Augustus! Hes SO cute!!;)
Augustus: Thanks....Your REALLY nice.....Wanna chill with my friends
by CheyCheyLizzie July 5, 2018
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A Roman emperor (63 BCE to 14 CE), winner of the civil war that ensued after the death of Julius Caesar. The month of August gets its name from Augustus. He was a patron of the arts, and despite his bloody ways his reign is often seen as commencing golden age in Rome.
Augustus commissioned Virgil to write the Aeneid.
by moonbug November 12, 2006
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He is an amazing guy and is as trustworthy as they get. He is funny, smart, althletic, and not to mention super hot! He is always there to support you and love you no matter what. But don't get on his bad side because he is ready to stand up to you and prove his dominance. I’d you are lucky enough to be his girlfriend, hold him close and never let go because he will be the best thing that ever happened to you. He has all of the girls falling for him because of his AMAZING personality. He is not shy to speak up for what’s right and you will have a super comforting feeling when he is around. I am so lucky to have him in my life!
Augustus is amazing
by aniston💚💚 December 19, 2019
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A rather large item that is shaped like a penis. Generally not used to describe fruits but may be used to describe vegetables.
Damn, my celery is Augustus!
by Cunt Shovel August 5, 2009
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