Not necessary, not required, not wanted.
Stand up comediant: "LOOK! THERE'S A NIGGA!"
Guy in the crowd: "That was uncalled for!"
by Flowmo November 27, 2006
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Inapproriate, unsuitable, or just plain wrong for a situation.
*All blacks when AGAIN! Team and crowd cheers*
Team member A: Fucking awesome!
*Team member B slaps team member A on ass*
Team member A: That was just uncalled for mate.
by Ja Jackson July 22, 2005
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the collective name for boba, em, cloud and asterlo, they sometimes do podcasts and regularly stream together
person 1: did you watch the 4/4 uncalled four stream last night
person 2: yes
by elixiremfan101 July 4, 2021
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