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1. Shortened version of David, most commonly used in Australia.

2. Greatest ever manager in the game "Sunday League"
Davo is the greatest manager in the history of Sunday League.
by Davo_ May 25, 2007
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-of or related to the group sex act involving 2 penises crammed into every major orifice of a female. 6 guys, 1 female. this can quickly become crowded.

the shortened form of dvdado, using only one "d" to denote "double" for all three orifices: a-anal, v-vaginal, o-ral.

to engage or participate in the act of dvdado or d-avo.
Man, we went to Cristal's party the other night and we totally d-avoed that crazy chick!
by Buddy H. January 27, 2008
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The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters is perhaps best known to the world at large simply as "Davos". It is much more than a simple get-together of global leaders from many fields in a Swiss ski resort, however.
by oboaea June 25, 2011
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Some one who is tall and skinny. Mostly male with an undercut
Omg you look like a davo
by Coconut z June 09, 2018
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