a word most commonly used by Southerners, lower to middle class blacks, and some people in the lower midwest (Ohio River Valley, Kansas, Missouri, etc.) Is a contraction of you all, which is the proper term.
Southerner: Hey, y'all!!! How arrrre yuh doin!?
by A Hoosier May 22, 2005
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Y'all: A term used to signify usually at least 2 people. Derived from white-trash term of same spelling. Has formed a use of it's own.
"Hey y'all! What's happenin'?"
by G. M.-H. May 28, 2003
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Wyoming hick form of "you all"
"Did y'all step in a cow pie, it stinks in here."
by Kimber Crawford February 23, 2004
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Y'all, a term that most Idahoans use instead of You-All. It is a term most don't understand but is still very useful when speaking at a fast pace
"Why are y'all so angsty today? Who pissed in y'allses Cheerios this mornin?"
by BinaryProtocol March 08, 2017
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1) A contraction of “you all”.

2) A word usually either said by black people or a lone white guy in the company of blacks.

3) A word with a lot of bizarre definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Aside from Florida, I’ve never stepped foot in the south in my life. However, I hear and say the word “y'all” every day at work.
by Forever Remain May 25, 2009
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Inexplicable contraction for "you" and "all", typically cited by non-Southerners as the correct way to spell "ya'll" (which is actually a contraction of "ya" (common American English vernacular for "you") and "all").
I know better than Southerners about their own colloquialisms - it's "y'all", you dumb hicks!!!
by zer0sig October 03, 2011
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