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One of the greatest states in the Union, ranking up there easily with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, and California. The majority of Kentucky's people are very friendly, religious or with a strong sense of morals and values, and many are also quite diverse. For example there are plenty of Kentucky natives that are composed of two races.
The imbreeding stereotype is also a load of crap, as it only exists in very sparse, few areas deep in Appalachia.

In addition, Kentucky is not entirely as Southern as people claim it is. The Bluegrass State is actually quite different with Northern/Midwestern qualities and heritage that mix with the Southern heritage and characteristics. Not everyone has thick drawls either; many more people actually have Midwest nasal twang, while a few Northern "migrants" actually talk in strong brogues or other different accents.
Bluegrass and Country are not the only forms of music, as there is also Christian, Metal, and Rock bands, as well as a very few rappers even! Countrified "Southern" food is not the only thing to eat either. Almost every known restaurant in the Nation is located somewhere in Kentucky, and some immigrants have even brought their own ethnic cuisine with them and made a business out of it!

Kentucky was also a pivotal battleground border state during the Civil War. Also see Perryville. The state was roughly 75-78% Unionist, with some being anti-slavery, while there where no more than 22-25% supporting the South and the Confederacy. Kentucky was actually quite crucial in winning the Civil War, which depresses me to realize that so many people overlook it entirely and that classes only seem to teach about the Eastern Theatre.
Kentucky is an awesome state with a rich heritage and history, great people, strong family values and morals, and so much more.
by A Hoosier December 16, 2004

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An American dialect variant for toilet. This particular slang word is used most commonly in Indiana, the lower Midwest. However, the area from Philadelphia to the New York City area in the Mid-Atlantic states.
You didn't flush the turlet!
by A Hoosier April 05, 2005

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Just the way I like my girls (just like millions of other guys do as well.) Usually a girl like this is not skinny, and she can be described as having "dimensions". A curvaceous female typically has those little back rolls/love handles on lower edge of her back, broad hips, and often has a wide ass.
I love curvaceous girls......mmmmmmm
by A Hoosier April 18, 2005

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One of the greatest cities in the United States of America. It is the capital of Indiana as well as the third largest city in the Midwest, with a population of well over 780,000 people. This major metropolis located in the center of Indiana has some of the largest and most impressive buildings in the Hoosier State. The tallest building is the Bank One Tower at 49 stories and over 800 feet tall, built around 1990.
Indianapolis has several nicknames, including I-Town, Indy, NapTown (from one of the syllables in the city name) , and the Circle City. The third nickname derives from the layout and design of the city, which "circles" around the very large Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the direct center of Downtown, plus the fact that the urban sprawl of the metropolis is roughly circular in shape.
Indianapolis now has a very diversified economy, with industries and businesses in pharmaceuticals, medical research, computer software, insurance, and banking. Some of the most major banks in the Midwest are located in this city, including Bank One and First Indiana. There is a generally-friendly atmosphere withing this city and the metropolitan area, not to mention there are plenty of fun things to do, and all kinds of cultures and ethnic groups in the vincinity of this place.
In addition, who could forget that Indianapolis is the home of Indycar, a very popular kind of racing.
by A Hoosier April 05, 2005

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One of the rarely-listed accents/regional dialects in linguistic studies. This big city accent is basically the lower-Midwestern nasal twang typical of southern Ohio, Indiana, and north/northwestern Kentucky mixed with a lot of northern Chicago/Cleveland influence. Locals will usually pronounce "a's" like "e's". For example, a Greater Cincinnati Area local would say "cless" instead of "class". In addition, locals will also say words that are characteristic of the Upper Midwest, such as "pop" and "you guys".
Cincinnati Urban is one of the accents/regional dialects that falls into the "Urban dialect" category on the U.S. Map of Regional Dialects. Along with Cincinnati Urban, there is also Boston Urban, Chicago Urban, New York Metropolitan Urban, and San Francisco Urban.
by A Hoosier February 06, 2005

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A psycho; pure and simple. He yells and screams when campaigning. He likes this a lot.
Howard Dean impression:
by A Hoosier December 11, 2004

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What nearly everyone in the nation says instead of that retarded, southern redneck term Git R Dun (or Git Er Done).
First widely introduced by Larry The Cable Guy, Git R Dun was apparently an attempt to further destroy the English language, and in an effort to make some Americans a little bit dumber and more irritating. Fortunately, however, most Americans aren't attracted to this horrid slang term, and the majority of us still say "git it done" (or get it done, in proper written form.)
A white trash Southerner: GIT ER DUUUNNN!!
Me: It's GIT IT DONE you moronic, imbred piece of shit!
by A Hoosier May 13, 2005

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