a Greeting means Good Morning but people get lazier every decade so may be in 2020 the last four letters would be enough!
1- : mornin. !
2- : mornin.
by fullArmani July 27, 2013
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The series of things one does in the morning to wake up.
1. "I would have not gotten out of bed today if it weren't for my morninization process ..." 2. "My morninization consists of choking my chicken, then drinking some water before I brush my teeth."
by ImAwsim February 3, 2010
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Something jacksepticeye says very loud, very often.
by Lladdie February 9, 2018
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when you wake up with a hard on
see also monopoly and stiffy
i rolled off the bed and onto my mornin wood
by ross March 5, 2004
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Wet pussy in the morning. Woke, wet and ready.
Rachel did the morning grind on my leg and I could feel the mornin’ dew. So I hit it good. She was late to work.
by Eaton Holgoode May 8, 2018
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The act of drinking sassafras tea in the morning, evening, and even at a quarter to three. Why? Because not only do I like sassafras tea, but so do you. We like sassafras tea.
Hella cool chick with lisp- "Youuuu cannnn sip it in the mornin' Sip it in the evenin'
Sip it at a cooo tooo tweeee
Cus I like Sassafras
You like Sassafras
WE like Sassafras Tea!!"

Liam- "Damn qurl you be madd sick, I like the way you be sippin' in the mornin'. Respect mun!"
by HellaCoolNigguh23RideOrDie October 11, 2011
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