Y'all is the contractive of 'you all'

It is plural, refering to two or more people. If you use it to refer to one person you will sound ignorant and any nearby Southern will know that you are not really from around those parts.

Very common in the South, it is rare to find someone (excluding Florida, and that's only because of all the Yankees down there) that doesn't use y'all.

Saying y'all makes so much more sense than the ever-popular you guys, you guyses, or even you all. It is much shorter and gets the point across much faster. And takes less breath.

It is never ya'll. The 'a' is not a part of you, it's a part of all (you wouldn't spell it out as youa ll, would you?).
Phoebe: What're you doing tonight?
Greg: Chris and I are going to the movies. We're seeing *insert good movie here*
Phoebe: Y'all suck! I've wanted to see that movie for forever!
by Leventhall February 29, 2008
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Supposed to be a slang word for "you all", of which it is now used by 13-16 year old angsty white trash teens and sluts on the Internet. Originally used by somewhat more smarter and logical people that originated from the South called "Southerners"
A small group of people online: (States logical and straight forward opinion)
SlutExample1: Lmao the fuck y'all talkin about xDDDDDDD
by Dancious June 17, 2017
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when a black person says it, its ghetto.
when a white person says it, its country.
black guy: how y'all doing
guy 2: get yo ghetto as outta hear.

white guy: how y'all doing
guy2: damn redneck..
by Anonymous-DUDE August 9, 2010
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"You" in its plural form. Originated in the south but has equivalent counterparts in other languages such as German.
For instance, in German one might say :
"Wie geht's mit ihr?"
or in English:
"How's it going with y'all?"
In German Ihr is an official part of speech...something to consider! People who denouce the term "Y'all" are just hatin' on the more enlightened!
Oh yeah, and "Ya'll" is completely wrong. NEVER use it.
Y'all better come hit this!
Y'all want to go grab some sushi?
So, what do y'all think about the legitimacy of the new Iraqi government.
Don't y'all think Bush sounds like an ignorant asshole?!
by Mae Ella March 23, 2006
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A second-person pronoun that, when in the South, is incredibly common. It makes much more sense than "You Guys" and other counterparts, for it takes only one syllable and, therefore, less breath. Can mean one person or several people, but usually refers to the latter. Sounds utterly ridiculous when said with an accent other than Southern or a plain American, all around accent. Oft times mocked by the rest of the country, while we southerners laugh at their wanting of "a grit" and their accents.
Y'all not comin' to school?
So... y'all want to bring your girlfriend?
Y'all's accent's funny.
by Sarah Notelin January 31, 2006
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I can't believe all these ignorant people defending the fact that they use "yall" ...actually yall sound stupid saying that, and I feel stupid myself for having just used it. whoever uses it sounds like a hillbilly redneck, and all these people saying it sounds cool or whatever, ya just keep telling yourselves that for sounding stupid..
lets go bull riding y'all!! heeee haaaaa!!!!
by olaa chica May 18, 2016
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A southern corruption of the term, "yous guys." Most people who use the expression "y'all" are either rednecks or African-Americans. However, it is more often heard from rednecks. The expression becomes even more ignorant when it is changed to "all y'alls."

Y'all is not a real word. It is formed by dropping the ou from "you all." Even worse, "y'all is often used with a double negative, as described in the example below. This word is the epitome of ignorance.
Y'all don't like movies or nothin'?
by ChemicalGoat May 18, 2009
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