This means "why" for those lazy asses who can't type 3 letters, so instead they

type one.
Person 1: Hey wanna listen lil pump?
Person 2: Y
by WeebSpirit January 25, 2021
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the only letter you type in while on your way to watch youtube
yo imma watch youtube

k just type y

thats so easy
by yesjustlikethefruit June 1, 2019
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2 meanings:
1st: Short way of saying why
2nd: The 25th letter in the alphabet.
1: y did you search up y on urban dictionary? You must me bored.
2: Y is the second to last letter of the alphabet.
by OneOfThePeopleOutThere April 27, 2020
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The 25th letter in the alphabet, second to last, the last letter being Z.
...But you already knew that, right?
by TenInchPlaya August 20, 2006
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short for the word "why"
wiCkEd eEv: y did u blow urself up?
iconocaste: it was an accident. y how come? did u see who threw the nade?
wiCkEd eEv: nuh uh
by wiCkEd eEv January 23, 2003
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