"You" in its plural form. Originated in the south but has equivalent counterparts in other languages such as German.
For instance, in German one might say :
"Wie geht's mit ihr?"
or in English:
"How's it going with y'all?"
In German Ihr is an official part of speech...something to consider! People who denouce the term "Y'all" are just hatin' on the more enlightened!
Oh yeah, and "Ya'll" is completely wrong. NEVER use it.
Y'all better come hit this!
Y'all want to go grab some sushi?
So, what do y'all think about the legitimacy of the new Iraqi government.
Don't y'all think Bush sounds like an ignorant asshole?!
by Mae Ella March 23, 2006
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The correct spelling for the commonly misspelled word, y'all. The word originates in the south-eastern United States and is a contraction formed from the words 'ya' and 'all,' the 'ya' being the short-form of you. The apostrophe is placed after the a because in contractions, letters are removed from the second word, and thus, y'all is gramatically incorrect, leaving ya'll as the proper method of spelling the word.
Will ya'll quiet down for a moment please?

I'll see ya'll later.
by miserablestar August 31, 2007
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Being a New Orleanian born and raised, ya'll is the combination of you + all, with the 'you' being shortened to 'ya' and combined with 'all'.
'You' to 'ya':
Ya' heard me?

Variations include ya'll:
all ya'll
all ya'lls
all ya'lls'
by LaBlue Girl October 08, 2006
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the extra plural form of y'all. Refers to at least ten people.
Y'alls in the same family? Well, I'll be switched!
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
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Ya'll is the spelling of the contraction of the word ya + all. Southern post civil war news papers support this. Northern newspapers would spell the word as y'all as an insult.
"When y'all gonna en' 'dis reconstruct?"
-- The New York Times

"When ya'll going to end reconstruction?"
-- The Times Picayune

Both relating to the same quote.
by Nedgbd September 04, 2012
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The incorrect spelling of the contraction "y'all." In English, we use the apostrophe to replace letters when squishing two or more words together. In the case of y'all, the apostrophe replaces "ou" in "you" or "a" in "ya," depending on whether or not you can pronounce "you" correctly (you all or ya all). The sound of "all" does not change.

"Ya'll" would more correctly be a contraction for "ya will," and it sounds like "yuh-ull" because ya sounds like "yuh" and "'ll" sounds like "ull." In this case, the "ya" sound does not change.
You all:
Are y'all coming with us tonight?
Y'all better not do that!

Ya will:
Ya'll be sorry if ya do that after ya were told not to.
Ya'll be lucky if ya don't get a whippin' for doing it anyway.
by Not Billy-Bob September 17, 2011
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not just for hicks, rednecks, wannabes and pimps like a previous definition states. It is the combination of "You" + "All". Common slang for residents of the southern states.
Are ya'll coming to dinner?
Ya'll aren't suppose to go in there.
by CNote December 22, 2005
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