I can't believe all these ignorant people defending the fact that they use "yall" ...actually yall sound stupid saying that, and I feel stupid myself for having just used it. whoever uses it sounds like a hillbilly redneck, and all these people saying it sounds cool or whatever, ya just keep telling yourselves that for sounding stupid..
lets go bull riding y'all!! heeee haaaaa!!!!
by olaa chica May 18, 2016
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The form of you + all. Mostly southern people use it. Pretty much all educated southerners use y'all, not just the poor and uneducated.
"Are y'all going to the game tonight?"
by southern and loving it March 25, 2014
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A southern corruption of the term, "yous guys." Most people who use the expression "y'all" are either rednecks or African-Americans. However, it is more often heard from rednecks. The expression becomes even more ignorant when it is changed to "all y'alls."

Y'all is not a real word. It is formed by dropping the ou from "you all." Even worse, "y'all is often used with a double negative, as described in the example below. This word is the epitome of ignorance.
Y'all don't like movies or nothin'?
by ChemicalGoat May 18, 2009
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You all, all of you. (A politically correct way of addressing males & females at the same time).
See y'all later(in a room with males/females). It was nice meeting y'all(when speaking to males & females at the same time).
by SuburbanH July 21, 2017
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Not at all a hick term. How is this worse than "you guys", which is used out west even when those being addressed are not "guys." Most, including highly educated, Southerners use y'all. However, it is not only used as a plural - can and is used to address one person. In fact, in Texas, some folks use a plural for y'all: "all y'all."
by Arkyconvert January 13, 2006
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There are two ways to say y'all: the black way and the southern way. Y'all is the black way and yall is the southern way.

Y'all is spoken with two syllables: ye-ALL. It can be heard up and down the east coast. It's just "ya" and "all" very close together.

Yall is spoken with one long syllable: YAAAWWL. It's very lazy sounding and only unashamed southerners use it.
Y'all want to hear some sick rhymes?

Yall want to hear some banjo pickin?

Y'all want to roll in my Caprice?

Yall want to ride on my tractor?
by TreeWeezel April 27, 2011
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Contracted form of "you all". Used mostly in Southern American states.

Not to be confused with "yorl", the contracted form of "your oil".
"Y'all callin' me a redneck, squerlfucker?"
by Kufi February 07, 2003
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