the southern form of "YOU GUYSSS"
wow people who say "YOU GUYYSSS" MUST be gay... we cool bitches say yall

by dude November 03, 2003
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A southern contraction turned into a pop culture slang. To people in the south "yall" is used to distinguish themselves as southern so not to be confused with New Yorkers or otherwise "Yankee bastards" despite the obvious distinction in accents. In the north "yall" is used as a comedy staple to stereotype what yankees refer to as "idiots" and otherwise "ignorant rednecks."

In popular culture, "yall" carries the same stereotype as the northern taboo only it grants several comedians the ability to mock and otherwise satirize their own culture such as Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy.
"Yall wanna come to Herbert's field and go cow tippin'?"
by Slayzar May 29, 2007
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Stands for you all. pretty much all southerners use it. "all y'all" and "all of yall" are both correct. I'm from houson and I use y'all all the time, even though I went to Yale
What are y'all doin' tonight?
by Chris90 February 17, 2006
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All of you. Used when adressing someone or something
Yalls gonna make me lose my cool.
by saa March 01, 2005
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Slang contraction for the 2nd person plural pronoun, utilized amongst the indigenous populations of the southern continental United States.

Origin: Often incorrectly attributed to the contraction of "you + all," the word actually originated from the fusing of "ya + all." The kind of fella who would say ya'll for the first time would not be enunciating a clean and crisp "you" in his daily speech. "You" wasn't in his spoken vocabulary, but "ya" was. Now, try to say "ya all." It is actually not easy to do as two separate words. To say it with a normal cadence, it already almost sounds like ya'll, but with the slightest stutter. "Ya all" quite naturally slips into the familiar pronoun we all use. Ya + all = ya'll. When you look at it that way, the placement of the apostrophe after the "a" makes sense. Alternately, you + all = y'all. However, the ya + all transition more naturally illustrates the origin of "ya'll." "You all" is cumbersome, although that is usually how yall is explained to uninitiated Yankees, whose experience with "ya" is often limited. "You all" just doesn't lead the the inevitable ya'll that "Ya all" does. However, y'all is an accepted alternate spelling.
Imperative: "Ya'll simmer down and go one at a time."
by Ross Roberts July 01, 2005
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A way southerners say "you all" but it's much better and cooler.

Southerners originally invented the word, but now it has been copied by rappers, because even they know it's cooler (rappers are dumbasses.)

northerners consider themselves better, and smarter than southerners for not using this word, but all that not using it really does is makes them seem like
by jpick012 September 01, 2008
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Y'all is the contractive of 'you all'

It is plural, refering to two or more people. If you use it to refer to one person you will sound ignorant and any nearby Southern will know that you are not really from around those parts.

Very common in the South, it is rare to find someone (excluding Florida, and that's only because of all the Yankees down there) that doesn't use y'all.

Saying y'all makes so much more sense than the ever-popular you guys, you guyses, or even you all. It is much shorter and gets the point across much faster. And takes less breath.

It is never ya'll. The 'a' is not a part of you, it's a part of all (you wouldn't spell it out as youa ll, would you?).
Phoebe: What're you doing tonight?
Greg: Chris and I are going to the movies. We're seeing *insert good movie here*
Phoebe: Y'all suck! I've wanted to see that movie for forever!
by Leventhall February 28, 2008
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