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One who identifies with Southern culture and/or customs
John Whelchel is a southerner
by WhatI'lldotoberight December 31, 2008
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1) A general term for a person that lives in the South.

2) A person that lives in the South. Most of them are friendly, good-humored, and overall: AWESOME! Southerners, being a general term, know the difference between a good ol' boy,a redneck, a hillbilly, and po' white trash. YES, PEOPLE! THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM!
by Becca Hayter March 26, 2004
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1) A person of any race or ethnicity (White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, that was born in the southern US States of:

North Carolina
South Carolina

AKA Best people in the world.
Ah, good ol' southerners. Nicest people ever!
by AC January 11, 2006
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Just so you know not everyone in the south is a racist. I live in the south and always have, but have friends of every race. I'm also not ignorant or dumb in any way. Northerners can't blame us for a dumb president being elected because last time I checked the whole country votes for president, and I don't support him in any of his decisions. Everyone from the north just assumes they know what it is to be a southerner, obviously because you have met us all. I will not lie and say that there are not ignorant people in the south, but everyone up north is not a genesis. I'm not trying to be rude to any one who is from the north, even though some of you deserve it from your comments. I have friends who are from the north some that I even consider to be very close friends. I just didn't realize so many northerners were so judgmental. Don't make generalizations of people that you have never met. Stop worrying about peoples lives in the south, and take a look at your own. You can't hate us all just because you hate where we come from. I'm proud of where I come from. We love it in the south so stop hating.
By the way the majority of us can have an intelligent conversation. Just most times we prefer our southern slang. We do have country accents, but that is just part of our culture. Just so you know not everyone in the south enjoys country music like you all think. I actually prefer hip-hop and R&B. Most of us do have a lot of hospitality, but there are also many who don't.
Most southerners are very intelligent.
We are not all rednecks.
Southern = me
by Paige ReNae August 18, 2007
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Someone originally from one of these states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and a scarce few parts of Florida. You can not become a Southerner, you must be "Natural Born." Being a Southerner entails being appropriated to the best food, music, lifestyle, and attitudes in the world. There is nothing that can't be sorted out between two proper Southern gentlemen. "Southerner" is not to be associated with redneck or hillbilly, as these are terms for white trash and can be found anywhere in the country, not limited to the south. If you are in fact lucky enough to have a true Southerner as a friend, you will have at least one friend for the rest of your life. All Southerners are not "country," as it were, but country is for more accurate than "redneck" as country just means, from a rural area.
Being a proper Southerner myself, I find it inescapably vexing to be considered in the same league as a redneck.
by The_Grizz March 02, 2009
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A southerner is a term usually used to describe people who live in the southern united states. Just because you live there doesn't neccesarily mean you are racist or raised with strong moral values. I was born in Toronto and moved to Kentucky a few years ago. I believe it's a nice place to live and only a few people are actually <racist>. Just because you live in the south doesn't mean you drink beer all the time (baptists are STRONGLY against it) or hang a confederite flag. I have friends who went to UK and ended up going to Princeton,Cambridge,and Harvard. I'm tired of people judging me on where I live or where I'm from. Would you judge a Nigerian and call them a uneducated slave because they lived in Nigeria? I don't think so..
Northerner-Do you know how to read?
Southerner-I got an english scolarship from Yale
Notherner-Right on
Southerner-where did you go for university?
Northerner-Oh, I'm taking a break from school right now.
Southerner-But your 45!
by can't we just get along? September 24, 2006
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