The Kappa Sigma fraternity house at the University of Tulsa.
Dude, that's the Kappa Sig house. Why would you go over to that fuckin tool shed?
by TU1 September 11, 2006
A slut (a tool being a male reprodtive organ, a shed being a place to put it.
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
Variation of the common term tool meaning loser. This takes it to another level of tooldom. These low lifes are sometimes just referred to as "sheds"
by Mr MoJo January 6, 2005
This is when he/she greatly exceeds the simple term of tool, toolkit etc.And has now infact become a greater loser then before, a toolshed.
Mike: geez John is such a douchebag.

Matt: yeah he's turned into a real fuckin tool shed.
by matt12327 April 13, 2006
when a group of more than one tool gather around in the same place and engage in toolish acts
The show jersey shore is a tool shed.

New Jersey is the filled with tool sheds.
by Anthony Stallone1 November 2, 2010
A place where tools like to frequent.
I wanted to go to that new club, but I heard it was a tool shed.
by tankboy September 21, 2005
The tool shed, for overweight men, would be the area just above the penis (another slang term for this area is the F.U.P.A. - Frontal Upper Pubic Area) The extra fat surrounds the penis, protecting it as a tool shed protects its tools.
"They say its just more cushion for the pushin, but really it was just his tool shed absorbing the coital impact."
by Harry Hole April 20, 2012