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One of the absolute gayest books assigned to complete in highschool. It has words you must learn and it asks questions about those words and it is a complete pain in the ass. There were sites where you could find answers to these but they quickly got shut down. All these books are are a pain in the ass.
Jeff- "Hey Jim, do you want to go catch a movie?" Jim-"No, sorry Jeff I have to go do vocabulary workshop for 2 hours maybe in a year or so"
by mikeylyle August 21, 2006

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When you are having sex doggy style and you balance yourself without using your arms or legs and you spin around.
Ben: "Hey, Samantha, would you like me to give you 'the helicopter' ride?"

Samantha: "No, Ben, because last time your dick ripped off."
by mikeylyle February 20, 2007

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