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Male, no social life, compulsively asking wikipedia all kind of questions, day and night becoming a Wikipedophile.

Ethymology: Wikipedia "Fast Education" (Hawaiian: Wiki Wiki "Fast" + Ecyclopedia (Gk. enkyklios paideia = "child education") + Philòs "lover" = "Wikipedophile" = "Fast Education lover"
Stop it man! You are obsessing.. you're like a wikipedophile!
by mave73 March 03, 2008
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a) Someone who has an unusual love for Wikipedia.

b) Someone is able, via Wikipedia, to enter in a clandestine manner into the world of childhood.

- I wish wikipedia was a woman so I could just be with her, all night long.
- Dude you're such a wikipedophile.
- Yes, yes I am.


- What are you doing?
- I'm looking at the Pocahontus Wikipedia entry.
- Dude, you're such a wikipedophile.
by Clifford Morell, Kwame Syborn December 03, 2009
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One who constantly has to prove, or back up his/her own opinion, by the use of Wikipedia.
"Dude, Chris is such a Wikipedophile."
by Keatan December 04, 2008
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noun: 1. Wikipedophile;

A Wikipedophile, is one who is a Wikipedian and one who uses and/or allows Wikipedia to be used as a tool for introduction and advocation of pedophile bias POV and/or uses and/or allows Wikipedia to be used as a tool for the illegal solicitation of children for the purposes of criminal sexual abuse, and/or is one who sympathizes with pedophiles who network globally for such purposes by their entries in Wikipedia; a person who is usually but not always a self-admitted pedophile but supports them in their use of Wikipedia as a tool for their advocacy and other illegal practices. Characteristically, a wikipaedophile will distance himself from the criminality and dangerous bias of pedophile advocacy and at the same time minimize genuine concern for child rape victims who have been groomed for criminal child sexual abuse by such bias. Wikipaedophiles are usually young people who are groomed by the pedophile bias to lose an important connection with real encyclopedic neutrality, as they tend to be strong advocates against censorship even censorship needed by law for protecting children from harm. Wikipedophiles use their editing privileges and user talk pages at Wikipedia as a tool for furtherance of support of organized child sex crime agendas and networking between pedophiles, as well as facilitating crimes against children by other avenues such as linking to global networks and blogs for pedophilic propaganda advocacy and even linking to known pedophile organizations which plan, produce and promote child sex tourism and child pornography.
See, Synonyms; Wikipedo and Wikipaedophile
(alternate spelling Wikipaedophile)

2. (see definition 2. for synonym, Wikipedo)
Tyciol, Eloquence and Radiance are the screennames of some real Wikipedophiles just like Rookiee Revolyob.
by Intelec December 12, 2006
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Noun - Someone who uses the popular website for getting information on anything about sex through the popular website wikipedia.
Dude, Alex just looked up uncommon japanese sex positions on wikipedia, what a wikipedophile
by the summer marc went west July 10, 2008
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