An asshole moth from Hollow Knight. Also the sun.
Radiance is too hard. She keeps killing me with the fireball attack.
by masokitsune April 23, 2019
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the most amazing beautiful women you will ever see
she is crazzzy and fun! very outgoing and has lots of friends!!!! she loves goin out and is the life of the party!!! she is very sexual and loves to please her man!!! when she has a hard time in life she cures it with a smile that radiates the world!!! ADORABLE!!!
-WOW! did you see that girl? her name is RADIANCE shes sooo beautiful and her smile is gorgeous!!!

-her smile is so beautiful she should be called radiance!!!!
by pursesranaddiction April 28, 2010
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The true final boss from the metroidvania indie game "Hollow Knight". Known as one of the hardest bosses in the game with its wide variety of combo attacks to throw the player off. This fight also has two versions, Radiance and Absolute Radiance. The Absolute Radiance is only accessible by completing the Pantheon of Hallownest, a gauntlet of every single boss in the game.
Person A: Hey I beat the Radiance yesterday, it was really hard
Person B: Then get good noob
by ROBO_Head25 March 11, 2021
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The hardest boss you will ever face and is the most biggest pain in a 2D game
The requirements are insanely difficult and if you aren’t prepared then have fun going through every boss in the game again but before you can do that you have to do all the pantheons. If your a uncultured swine and don’t know what a pantheon in Hollow Knight is then why are you even reading this, it’s basically a boss rush and that all I’m saying about it. Except that the one you do before the final pantheon is very difficult because a insanely buffed version of the “final boss” of the game is the last boss you fight before unlocking the final pantheon. When you get to the last pantheon you go through every single boss and even the buffed versions of them, right before you fight the Absolute Radiance you fight a boss that is either harder or and hard as her and that boss is Nightmare King Grimm. If you somehow manage to beat him you finally fight Absolute Radiance.
*Absolute Radiance continues to make Gamer to fall in the void, get hit by 2 light pillars, and dies to light sword*
Gamer: “...”
*Throws computer out window*
by Absolute Radiance March 6, 2020
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Pain. Pain, and suffering. Also the true final boss of Hollow Knight!
Jimmy Neutron: I hate absolute radiance. I can't beat her, and it sucks.
Waluigi: who dat
by Turkeydude180 June 9, 2021
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1. a powerful god, and the very symbol of total annihilation. Fortunately, no Harmonixer has yet been able to fuse his soul to create this being, for it's very appearance signals the apocalypse.

2. The most evil fusion monster. No Harmonixer has ever fused successfully with this monster. A successful fusion gives Harmonixers the power to perform deicide (the annihilation of gods).
Yuri can sucessfully fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, making him 100% badass.
by Klaha December 18, 2004
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