It is the victory cry of a dirtbiker after mating with a blow up goat. First used by at (DBW) xmas ride at Jims 2009
Wiki Wiki! anybody got a cigarette?
by lukeage December 06, 2009
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The sound the bed/couch makes when someone is having sex.
The bed goes wiki wiki everytime i have sex with my wife.
by djradio January 03, 2010
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The action of wiki wiki is when 2 people exercise in horizontal position on a bed that needs some sort of lubrication.
I wiki wiki this morning with "her" and my two friends downstairs didn't stop laughing because it wiki wiki very loud.
by The Wiker December 04, 2012
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A penis, a really messed up name for a penis. It came from a the name of a boogie board company.
"Hey John, your wiki wiki was great last night!"
by Sarai Jane April 28, 2007
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To have sex with; The noise that is made while one is having sex, usually due to a squeaky bed frame.
by woojieboojie July 29, 2009
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term used for people who go on wikipedia or any other website to specifically find sexual words or definitions. like a horny porpoise aka a dolphin. Di you know that humans and porpoises are the only animals that have sex for fun. True statement
Tiger, you are such a wiki wiki dolphin! - Dana
Nah, im more like a narwhal cuz im so horny! -Tiger
by ShakiraIsSoSexy November 20, 2010
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