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a phrase used to alert someone to keep the compliments coming.
Jason: "Wow, you look incredible."

Brett: "Stop it."

Jason: "No, I mean it. Where did you get your eyebrows done? They're fierce."
by Adam April 12, 2005
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A phrase used when someone is doing something so good it's hard to believe.
Joe: Swishes his 5th three-point shot in a row
John: Stop it Joe, your so wet today
by JackTom November 08, 2010
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What girls say when they are not READY, but already now that is the only reason they are there, and that you were ready since you hit 13.
Jack starts to feel Lauren

Lauren "Stop it!!!!!!"

Jack "Fuck this, you know that the only reason you are here is because i am HARD and you are EASY!!"
by iCoy February 10, 2008
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How about you stop trying to figure me out and just fucking get a life Fuckhead. Listen to me carefully. Inepts will NEVER EVER be able to understand me. So go fuck yourself. Dreams of me make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Fuck off you fucking parasite.
by Turn of event July 15, 2016
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something I hear all too often when interacting with anyone
Stop it! that's harassment!
Your face is harassment!
via giphy
by officialpyrocynical December 30, 2018
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