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Youre not a slut unless you follow these symptoms of whorenity'll have sex with only popular people wear ridiculously exposing clothes even if its 15 fucking degrees (F) get jealous when someone you like is talking to someone you think is below your social status or very "ugly" (or you're just a bitch) have sex without a condom even on birth control make people pay to have sex with you because you wanna make side cash (vice versa)

7.You make someone a sandwich after sex (unless you're married) keep dating douche bags for money and complain about him treating you shitty have an STD or STI (blue waffles esp.) know you're a whore
Gossip girl 1."Omg I think she has whorenity"
Gossip girl 2. "Obviously look at the herpes showing on her ass from her short shorts"
by the talent December 24, 2014
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