Otherwise known as jocks and cheerleaders.

A popular person is usually a douche bag because they want people to like them. (when really no one does they just want to be popular themselves). How to spot a popular person, there usually the middle/high school football team, volleyball team, ect. and usually pick on the non-popular because, it makes them "cooler". Popular peoples sworn enemies are emos, goths, and punks. (Emos are now starting to become more of a common style and more popular so i don't know if they're still sworn enemies.) Now a popular male tends to pick on the nerds because he knows he won't fight back. He is afraid to fight a punk or a goth in fear of getting his ass kicked. Now a popular female tends to flirt with the nerd and pretend to like them so the nerd will help them with homework, projects, and what not. Do not trust ANY popular person!!!!
popular people: tend to listen to softcore rock, classical rock and hates emos, goths, punks and such.
by wishy mowhawk August 16, 2011
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