you dont care about that person or what they have to say
ex 1

Teacher- hey Ryan stop talking in class
Ryan- suck my dick

ex 2
Princple comes on the intercome

Principle starting tomorrow there will be no more pateo time for the rest of the year
Student- Mrs Jackson can suck my dick she is making me mad.
by the realist nigga alive October 14, 2014
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okay so as a female i say suck my dick frequently and lots of people reply with "u dont have one." suck my dick is actually an expression meaning a more polite version of 'go fuck urself no one cares.'
Susan - Woah Kelly ur such a thot

Kelly - go suck my dick Susan!
by ladiessuckmydick August 14, 2018
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A less time consuming way of saying, "GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING COCKSUCKER!!!!", when you are less than pleased with them.
Person #1 says: "Hey asshole, you owe me some fucking money!!!"
Person #2 responds: "You ain't gettin it, so SUCK MY DICK."
by Streaks August 7, 2006
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1.another way to tell a person to fuck off. 2. or it is used to tell a chick that you want her to PUT THE PENIS IN DA MOUTH
1.if someone asks you to do something and u dont wanna tell them suck my dick. 2. OPEN WIDE
by kissably_me October 1, 2007
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One of the most common phrases you will hear in a gangster rap album.
When Eazy E was alive, he said "suck my dick" a lot.
by TUDE August 8, 2006
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What you say to somone when you want them to give you a felacio a.k.a blowjob
by Vivec May 8, 2004
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