A hard working advocate who will stop at nothing. “ they” are amazing I’m every way, they will help you when your in need. They will always believe in you. Make sure to watch out for that attitude though.
“Jaya will kick your ass with sass
by Iamthegodess November 19, 2018
Jaya is a girl who has passion and courage in herself👧🏽Whenever she feels down, she always finds a way to cheer herself up😋She is 100% sure she has many,many,many friend💯Whenever she's bored she always finds a way to do something active👯
When I asked Jaya a question she answered ''I say I call myself competitive
by Goldpink5296 March 15, 2017
A girl with amazing courage and always cheering everyone up even when she's secretly upset :)
Tends to hide her emotion a lot.
seems like shes 100% but shes not.
Relay on a trustful person like Jaya.
by yourmommaugly111 November 29, 2018
Jaya is a lovely girl . Shes so generous and kind and she is ALWAYS there for people that need her the most . Jaya has lots of her own problems to sort out and deal with but she will always make time for people. She will support and comfort people and she’s amazing at giving advice. She’s the happy type that everyone wants to brighten up their lifes. Jaya means victory/victorious which means she will become hugely successful in everything she does. Her name is also a name of a Godess. She has brown hair and green eyes.
If you have a Jaya in your life you’re a very lucky person !
by 123lol.123 May 27, 2019
Jaya is a very sweet and outgoing girl. She doesn't care what anybody thinks and has great comebacks.
Jaya is one of the most best friends ever. From Serenity Cooper
by 102s.scooper February 25, 2017
Jaya is a sweet and loving girl who always cares for others, she’s so smart and hilarious and even if your having the worst day she always knows how to put a smile on your face, if you ever meet a Jaya jeep her she’s one in a million. She’s pretty stubborn and has a short temper but it’s okay because she’s cute when she gets angry and even though she might not see it herself she’s so gorgeous, she’s hilarious and sweet and pretty much the first reason you’ll become friends with her is both your love for billie eilish she deserves the world and i’m so lucky to have her as my partner in crime and my best friend💜💜💜 i love you stinky.
Person 1: “So how did you and Jaya become friends in the first place?”
Person 2: “Well I was being a loser at this big new school and we bonded over our love for Billie Eilish.”
by clxver December 12, 2019
A female Jaya is very outgoing and sweet. She can be really romantic, and probably has strict parents. She is super sweet and really pretty. She has unique, popular, amazing styles and looks. Her eyes are super pretty. She's fairly smart.
Hey, I really like Jaya.
Jaya, in class 806?
Yeah, she's super s
by A.u.r.o.r.a April 7, 2019