n. 1. a task that is performed thoroughly. 2. total commitment 3. anything that is done completely from start to finish.
adj. 1. a well executed task. 2. a job well done.
v. 1. to commit one's self to seeing a task through. 2. to perform a task thoroughly.
(original usage credited to Dr.Quirk)
Nickarossi: "We're doing this all wrong."
Joss: "Whatever do you mean?"
Nickarossi: "Well, we've been half-assing this relationship for weeks now, when what we should be having is a full on, booth cheeks, whole-ass relationship!"
Joss: "So...you wanna have sex."
Nickarossi: "That's not what I said...but, okay!
by Nickarossi June 18, 2007
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Adj. A term meaning the entirety of an object, used to express excitement, extreme confusion, or intensity.
I ate a whole ass cake by myself!

There was a whole ass bird in the library!
by Phoney_Panther May 28, 2019
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Used casually as a unit of measurement, referring to a person or object
wow she just had a whole ass baby !
by Latinprinxess October 15, 2017
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when something is exactly how it sounds
cece: damn i cant tell if that a man or woman . me: lmao cece thats a whole ass man
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1) To quite literally, eat the whole ass

2) To go all the way with something, similar to "the whole 9 yards"

3) Can also refer to the action of high school students who choose to take all honors/AP classes
1) "You know, in this game, you gotta eat the whole ass bro. Ain't no playing around; you just gotta get in there and eat the whole ass. You know what I'm saying?" ~ Filthy Frank

2) Sometimes, you just gotta eat the whole ass and ask out that hot bitch staring at you.

3) Becky never has time to do anything fun, because she eats the whole ass every year.
by AFuckingMotherFucker June 18, 2015
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an adjective describing something dramatic, in excess
damn bro, last night i drank my whole ass. dont remember much except for that swamp donkey i ended up taking home
by JimBrosiv February 6, 2009
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refers to someone who is extra fine looking and definitely thicc
"She's not a snacc, she's a whole ass meal!"
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