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It means to have no one by your side. You're just by yourself.
Squidward: I think I've finally found a place where I can be all... ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! Aloooone, a loooan, uhlone, alone, uhlone, and so on and so forth.
by AFuckingMotherFucker July 25, 2011

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You know when you want to masturbate when you look up porn, you type it in fast and you misspell porn, insted getting pron.
Jack: What are you doing?
Bob: Looking up porn.
Jack: No, your looking up pron.
by AFuckingMotherFucker November 19, 2011

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The feeling you get when your Urban Dictionary definition doesn't get published. This is caused by a bunch of faggots called editors who refuse to publish.
Person 1: Hey.
Person 2: I'm sad.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: I've got the definition depression.
Person 1: Oh. I hate those damn editors, too.
by AFuckingMotherFucker January 01, 2012

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It's when one sticks their penis through the American-Mexican Border and another person inserts the penis in a body opening.
(Guy sticks penis through border)
(Woman puts penis in her vagina)
Border Patrol Guy 1: What are they doing?
Border Patrol Guy 2: It's called border sex.
by AFuckingMotherFucker November 22, 2011

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1) To quite literally, eat the whole ass

2) To go all the way with something, similar to "the whole 9 yards"

3) Can also refer to the action of high school students who choose to take all honors/AP classes
1) "You know, in this game, you gotta eat the whole ass bro. Ain't no playing around; you just gotta get in there and eat the whole ass. You know what I'm saying?" ~ Filthy Frank

2) Sometimes, you just gotta eat the whole ass and ask out that hot bitch staring at you.

3) Becky never has time to do anything fun, because she eats the whole ass every year.
by AFuckingMotherFucker June 18, 2015

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A Texas Shotgun is when you tie down your sexual partner on a bed and spray diarrhea all over your partner's genitals. I.E. like a shotgun.
Bob: Hey.
Jim: What's wrong?
Bob: My girlfriend dumped me.
Jim: Why?
Bob: I did a Texas Shotgun on her.
Jim: Oh.
by AFuckingMotherFucker July 25, 2012

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The opposite of pulling out during sex. Instead of preventing pregnancy, it's your primary goal.
Guy 1: Why did you not pull out? You have to support that little fucker now!

Guy 2: Because I was pushing in.
by AFuckingMotherFucker October 09, 2013

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