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1. A medical term used to describe a child that was conceived by anal sex and/or birthed through the anal cavity.

2. A human so hideous that only an ass could have produced such a thing.
Dora gave birth to a beautiful ass baby boy last night.

Carrot Top is an ass baby.
by JonD January 05, 2006
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One who was conceived by their parents anal sex, a small amount of cum drips into their vagina therefore creating the ass baby. This ass baby is inherently terrible at anything and everything that they do.
-Oh wow look at Jebadiah he sucks at life.

-Yeah i know he is a total Ass Baby.
by Hauss Piece July 19, 2011
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When a couple is having anal sex, and sperm drips from the anal cavity to the vagina, impregnating the woman.
The ejaculate from John's then empty testicles dripped from Denise's anal cavity to her vaginal mound, thus impregnating her. She then gave birth to her beautiful ass baby, Clifton.
by willdbeast April 20, 2006
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A baby that was conceived in the ass hole. Usually by instruments of a strap-on, and most exclusively conceived by males.
That Ashe chick got me preggers... It's an assbaby...
by Ashegirl July 11, 2009
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The offspring of a gay man who has been anally impregnated by his lover. Ass babies typically resemble demons and have razor sharp claws that cause much damage during the birth. They typically display hatred towards everyone and are very aggressive.The birthing process results in high fatality rates for the father, especially in low income families where the father cannot have the Ass Baby killed immediately post-birth.
Terrence gave birth to an Ass Baby last night in his one bedroom apartment while his boyfriend watched. They were both subsequently murdered.
by TheFoose June 16, 2010
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