1. A medical term used to describe a child that was conceived by anal sex and/or birthed through the anal cavity.

2. A human so hideous that only an ass could have produced such a thing.
Dora gave birth to a beautiful ass baby boy last night.

Carrot Top is an ass baby.
by JonD January 5, 2006
When a couple is having anal sex, and sperm drips from the anal cavity to the vagina, impregnating the woman.
The ejaculate from John's then empty testicles dripped from Denise's anal cavity to her vaginal mound, thus impregnating her. She then gave birth to her beautiful ass baby, Clifton.
by willdbeast April 20, 2006
n. a vomit-inducing, hideously deformed mass of a human female.
SWEET SATAN!!!! I can't eat with that ass baby sitting a mere ten feet from me. I can feel my salad comming up.
by Blasphemer_0 January 21, 2005
Occurs when the caulk a guy deposits in his girlfriend's ass drips so ever slightly into her pussy and impregnates her.
My buddy is the proud papa of an ass baby. I told him too much caulk is not good. I told him if he over caulked his girlfriend to clean up or have an Ass Licker on standby.
by slicksal October 24, 2006
When a female rhinosaurus gets knocked up by an alien from anal sex, later she has ass babies
Why hello Mabel, i havent seen you since our last scrapbooking party! By the way, have you seen that green rhinosaurus, the one that was ass-@#$%^ by the alien. She delivered an ass baby just last week.
by Pygmaliaa March 26, 2010
A mediocre sketch-comedy show...
Last night I saw the ass babies, I'd like to say that I was entertained-- but I'm allergic to lying. Delicious!
by B. Marshall November 2, 2003