Someone who won't stop complaining about everybody else, but yet gets mad when they hear other people complain. They usually pay more attention how other people make them feel than to what they are actually saying.
That girl really hurt my feelings. She made me feel like I'm stupid. And on top of that she always whines.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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Someone who constantly complains about something else and usually hopes that someone else will listen to them. Nowadays, the most common places to find them are on Internet forums or on youtube and they usually will complain and whine on videos or topics about fictional characters or any other part of fiction instead of complaining about real life.
A whiner is someone that never stops complaining and I just saw one of those on youtube, since that place seems to be infested with them.
by Hellrider285 January 21, 2014
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A nagging upset complainer. A spoiled person who cries when he doesn't get his way.
eg : "Portal is such a whiner when no one agrees with him about his whiny industrial music... it's crap!"

"He bragged about his masters degree but when no one cared, he acted like a whiner"
by Alex Comrad June 10, 2005
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A little unmasculine feminine bitch who whines about everything and anyone and cant just let things lie. They will go on for years and act like a total pussy over nothing. They create drama.
Vitale is such a whiner, i cant believe anyone actually believes his bs stories and lies.
by juizdd January 14, 2008
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Someone who consistently complains about other people being screen peekers when they simply can't admit that they've been outplayed.

This is especially prevalent when people keep running out in the open to the same places, and keep getting killed.
whiner: How did you see me there?
whiner: There's no way you could have known I was there.
whiner: Screen Peeker
by reallynotme May 16, 2007
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In the work place: Experts still can’t agree whether it’s an incurable disease or a dangerous parasite and sub-species of the common “Dog-Fucker”.

Easy to spot. Like the common dog-fucker, hands are always in their pockets and they are seldom found working. They differ in that they display a unique ability to produce an unmistakable nasal like tone that can only be produced by the common dog-fucker when it’s nostrils are pinched. If left unchecked is known to spread to the common dog-fuckers.

They seek out host-victims and drain the energy from anybody who will listen to them. They thrive on creating chaos and will poision the workplace. Experts all agree that a “whiner” cannot be cured and must be exterminated. Companies that have specialized in ridding households of banker infestations are now expanding into the lucrative commercial field of dog-fucker and whiner extermination.

Interim Protection from parasitical drain: A whiner is defenseless against the “sucker-punch” because their hands will be in their pockets. When they are still seeing stars, respond with “Fuck-Off and go do some work!” and nothing more. The parasite will seek out other hosts.
What a pathetic whiner.

by Peter Perdue February 4, 2008
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also known as Urban Dictionary contributor A Midwestern Christian.
by notamused December 16, 2007
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