A synonym to of which and likewise an inanimate alternative to whose, the possessive of who. Whereas "whose" is defined to be the possessive of both "who" and "which", there is a hesitation to use "whose" with an inanimate antecedent, and so the word "which's" is beginning to be used instead.
"If the previous request (which's response was generated by the jsp) set a cookie on the client"

"A game for all four contestants, one of which reviews a film, which's title is selected by the audience. The other three act out the film described by the reviewer."
by Weston Ruter August 31, 2005
"Which?" is used by some English speakers, e.g. on Dublin's north side, when they meant to say "Sorry, I didn't understand what you just said."
Gilbert: Please hold your orthorexic lessons while I'm eating!
Michael: Which?
by Dietrich September 2, 2006
'Speaking of which' can be used to refer to something that has just been said. Other similar phrases are: by the way, incidentally, apropos, with regard to...:
I won't be home when you get in from school tonight. Speaking of which, don't forget your keys.
by giojio August 27, 2010
A ridiculously awesome sandwich place in the US. Tons of choices and ultimate customization.
by Wichin' August 4, 2011
Is Used to make the “Ur Mom Gay” insult meaningless. It ends all other comebacks and makes the other person stand there in embarrassment and shock till they die.
John: Ur Mom Gay
Sam: Which One?
John: *doesnt Know What To do and dies
by savage.weeaboo March 30, 2018
Something QuackityHQ said, when his brain cells were shutting down. Don't pull a Quackity , saying which left.
Drake: W-which left?
Josh:Don't pull a Quackity .
by yuhdestinyyeet June 27, 2019
some dumbass shit quackity(hq) asked in a video from wildspartanz
quackity: guy on left? whats?... which left? okay
hooverr: which left!? its like the screens facing a different way like "oh ill be the guy on the right when i turn my monitor around"
by ashertrasher August 12, 2019