Gilbert is a loving guy who would do anything to make his girl happy. A Gilbert is a hopeless romantic who appreciates people for who they are and what they could become. He makes good grades and plans for the future. Any girl would be lucky to get a Gilbert. He will always be faithful to the woman whom he loves.
Gilbert is such a nice guy.

I know, hopefully he asks me about again sometime soon.
by Hawtie;) February 22, 2017
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Gilbert is the boy that i wanna kiss hes got lovely music taste he treats you like a princess hes so sweet and he’ll always make sure you feel safe and happy. He is the most handsomest boy in the universe he never fails to make you smile and most importantly i love gil and im happy for all the things hes done for me.
“hey remember Gilbert?” ofc i do how could i forget him
by Afr4h May 20, 2022
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Handsome,sexy very very big down low and a sweet talker with a kind heart so you know he does good with the ladies. not too good with school but does enough to get by maybe a little more if hes bored but overall hes a cool guy who likes to hang out with lots of friends n talk to a different girl every day of the week. He is also an extremely great lover who no girl ever forgets or regrets
oh whos that guy?oh he's Gilbert,you know the guy who is big down low? hes really sweet you should get to know him i hear hes great in the sack.
by Mike Hawk Isbig February 5, 2010
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A devilish romancer with knowledge of his charming good looks, a dancefreak who always has a new dance partner.
Never commits. Always texting or myspacing a new lady every minute. Always gives one or 2 word replys.
So i was dancing with Gilbert last night and he was totally texting some other girl when i tried having a conversation with him! He's such a dancefreak i walked away once and he was already dancing with my cousin!
by BettyLoveGood June 30, 2009
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big ah monkey ah battyfish
likes to swing from trees

oo oo aah aah
"conservative party sucks"
"gilbert is a big dark monkey
by OOOoahhhh October 13, 2022
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