The KING of all raids across video games.
Known in the Roblox Community as one of the reasons the forums was taken down.
Person 1: Remember when Quackity raised the forums.
Person 2: On what game?
Person 1: I was thinking Roblox. Wdym what game?
Person 2: He's literally raided like every game.
by Blue Top Hat Man February 17, 2020
An amazing duck who raids games and makes songs. People hate on him because he makes videos that are JOKES but people wouldn’t understand! Quackity is very funny :)))
Hey it’squackity”!

Me: *passes out*
by Ejtikjfnffj August 7, 2018
A loser who I simp for
Shit bro, I think I'm a simp for Quackity. Even if he is a loser.
by Stan_Straykids October 26, 2020
Melvin: Hey want to play Roblox?
Jessica: Sorry, Quackity is raiding it.
by fortain_sucks April 6, 2018
An ipad kid. A literal ipad kid.
Whos Quackity?
An ipad kid.
Whats an ipad kid?
by kiwi_kiwwi April 4, 2021
Someone who is the King of Raids
Guy 1:Lets go take over this game!
Guy 2:Don't be a quackity!
by fluff fluff June 13, 2019
person 1: Quackity is looking mighty suspicious...

person 2: probably because he sells

by ..zark March 11, 2021