A Canadian rapper who started from the bottom and used to call you on your cell phone
Drake apparently used to call me on my cell phone, now he calls me on my iPhone 7
by Kidswillbekids May 29, 2019
Drake is a kind person no doubt about it they can be douchebags but if your high on his list. He'll treat you golden. He is cute, not smoking hot though. He loves to talk to people! He does get nervous around girls he just meets. But if your friends, you can talk for hours. He is really fun and gets along with almost everybody. If you find a drake... Love him!
"Wow, do you see drake over there?" "Yea he's the coolest guy round"
by 1230526 March 12, 2016
Drake refers to a type of dragon that flies around small towns and large cities eating everyones pudding and spitting in their garbage cans. He will turn your jello into fruit punch and your coffee into kittens. Beware, this type of dragon will rape you in the toes at any given chance.

P.S. they are extremely poisonous and are very sensitive about their sexuality and do not like to be touched at all.
Dude, I swear I saw a Drake fly by the window in my keyboarding class today! Watch out on your walk home!
by PeterM11 March 13, 2009
A lower class of Dragon or a higher class of serpent. Used by Summoners and other Taimers instead of Dragons because they are easier to summon, or control. They look like Dragons only they haven't earned their arms yet.
The Dark Drake attacked the white wizard
by Ultimate Dragon March 23, 2004
A Drake is a very handsome king. He is a passionate lover and loves to be the little spoon sometimes, but would never tell anyone. A Drake is guarded, but will let you in when he is ready. A Drake is not someone to f*ck with, but is someone you want to know and love. A Drake is a dream boat, almost too good for a brown eyed queen.
Wow, everyone should have a Drake.
by Lacefacelace June 2, 2019
a gluttonous slothy bear.
it eats and sleeps more than the average bear.
I was in the woods and ran into a Drake. luckily it was too lazy to chase me.
by slyminx November 19, 2007
Drake will be the sweetest more sincere boy you will ever meet. He never fails to make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world. He has devishly handsome features that will make your panties drop. He is slim but makes up for it in the downstairs area if you know what I mean. Sometimes he can be a little immature, but most men are!
Drake is such an amazing boyfriend!
by chickielittle12 March 22, 2019