adj. in timely or appropriate manner/context; this can also mean in addition
He was apropos when he brought up the topic of cleaning when they discussed everyone's household responsibilities in the apartment.

The way she interjected her criticisms about his brother was not considerate nor apropos, due to the fact that they were talking about his health issues.
by Mette October 8, 2004
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And then I ate the tuna sandwich.
Apropos, the stock in tuna companies is rising...
by The Professor June 29, 2004
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Used at start of sentence to link to last sentence.
B:"Apropos, she entered the matrix to save your life at the cost of her own."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 18, 2003
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When you're looking to say something appropriate; real fancy, like to impress someone instead of just saying it's suitable or befitting.
His choice of the white wine was apropos since we were eating seafood.
by 2 Despicable Me May 24, 2013
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Norwegian expression used for changing the subject to something totally unrelated.
Originated around a dinner table 20 minutes by car north-east of Oslo, when the older sister of the house had something more to say about meatballs. Widely used in some circles in Oslo and the areas around Oslo.
Can be translated to English like this: "Speaking of meatballs"
Apropos kjøttkaker fikk jeg en A på oppgaven min.
In English: Speaking of meatballs, I got an A on my essay.

Mark: This has to be a complete change of subject and totally unrelated to the current topic.
by DerangedTinkerbell April 12, 2010
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