A duck youtuber whom doesn't know his left from his "left."
Person 1 : turn left here.

Person 2 : OK which left?

Person 1 : Uhm, you good bro?

Person 2 : Yeah, sorry. I pulled a QuackityHQ by accident.
by RazorDiamondexe October 8, 2019
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QuackityHQ or Alex is a mexican youtuber/streamer who loves habibis (his fandom) and in the past raided some games.

very cool guy, thinks before he talks and wants to get more informed in themes before having an opinion.

be like QuackityHQ.
x: what's the name of the guy that can't cook pizzas?

y: ohh, QuackityHQ!
by chuchuu August 5, 2020
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A terrorist who is responsible for causing the biggest Habbo raid in the history of man.
Come to brazil, QuackityHQ.
by Manuele Pepe November 7, 2017
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Person 1: Hey, look it's quackityHQ!
by Visuals May 16, 2018
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