to describe the taste of a drink
blimey, that baileys tastes like wee
by ben weston January 4, 2004
An extremely tiny penis that is barely able to be called a penis; A laughably small penis.
When Ryan's swimming trunks fell off, he didn't realize it and stepped out of the water. Us girls all laughed at his tiny, hairless wee wee!
by super hot Sarah May 12, 2010
a very tiny dick; usually 1-3 inches
Boy: look at my shlong!
Girls: ahahahhahaha! u got a wee wee!
by J 0 K A February 26, 2005
A really small penis around 1-3 inches, usually found on little boys but if on older boys it's really funny to point and laugh at.
In seventh grade, Max was completely pantsed in front of the entire class, showing everyone his cute little wee wee! Now no girls will go out with him because they know that his pee pee is a little itsy bitsy teeny weeny wee wee!!
by Max Elkot September 2, 2008
1. Microscopic size of a male penis
2. That which is so small, is considered non-existent
3. That which is so small is a waste of skin
1. A picture of Hero's wee wee was sent to "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", but they sent it back because they did not believe it!

2. Hero is modest about his wee wee, with much to be modest about.
by kovox January 26, 2003