1. Urine
2. Infantile for a penis, typically
that of a canine.
Johnny-boy, don't touch that doggie's wee-wee.
by johnny-boy March 28, 2005
Faithful accomplice and aide to Poo-poo Magee, the Irish-American superhero, often outsmarts her partner! Face resembles this :->
Poo-poo Magee: "Let's to this!"
Wee Wee: "Nuh-uh! Let's do THAT!"
Poo-poo Magee: "Tuché, Wee Wee, tuché..."
by Poo-poo Magee June 2, 2006
A very small penis however this word does not relate to testicals at all so your balls can be very long and your penis can be a little French fry in comparison. Also a word used by small children to replace saying penis which is quite accurate considering that they still have wee wees.
Hey guys! Did you know I have a wee wee? Come look! *pulls down pants and penis is barely visible under bush of crotch hair*
by jbs1222 July 19, 2015
Irish/Scottish Word used to describe something small

Can also be used as a cute term depending on how you say it

Word used to describe the early hours after midnight
"Look at that wee midget over there"

"Look at the wee baby isn't she/he so cute"

"It's the wee hours of the morning" (3am-4am)
by Harry69 September 3, 2009
Ah wee wee wee’ is a “special” thing to say, for instance; Someone that gets roasted, you could always say ‘ Ah WEE WEE WEE’ in return. It’s very effective and almost always works

It’s lethal, deadly and all round MAD.
Mom: Do the dishes or ima spank yo ass
Child: .........Ah WEE WEE WEE
Mom: .......?
by Crusty4life September 30, 2019