A penis the size of a baby's or smaller.
Dustin's penis is a tiny penis because I have babysat 3 year olds with more meat than him.
by Dustin's Best Friend March 19, 2014
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All the Finbar's of the world
Man is your name Finbar cos you have a tiny penis and no hair
by Dab lad safe kid August 25, 2017
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tiny penis vibes is a term to both describe the einy teiny weiny size of a persons theoretical penis but its also a way to describe someones vibes an example would be if someone did something incredibly stupid and then you can say to your friend "omg that person has so much tiny penis vibes". You can also use this term to describe someones tiny penis. Another term that is incredibly alike small penis vibes is the well known term small pp energy
friend number 1-"Hey look over there wtf is that guy doing"
friend number 2-"Idk but he for sure has a lot of tiny penis vibes"
by stortankelitetbean November 9, 2021
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A car that pretentious douches buy that is supposed to say "Look how much money I have", but really say, "This car put me 20,000 in debt"
Girl 1: wow, look at his car
Girl 2: Yeah right, that's totally a 'Tiny penis car'
by Royalbluearts June 17, 2018
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A game involving the world cup.
When an England flag is seen on a car or a house the players must shout "Tiny Penis" (more fun if you do it as loudly as you can). The player who does this first wins. The game is only played while the world cup is in progress. The person who gets the most points wins.
Tiny Penis Game:
*car with a flag goes by*
player one - "TINY PENIS!"
player two - "oh man, i cant believe you got that before me"
by kennyisamazin June 18, 2010
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