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Barrère and Leland's A dictionary of slang
by Arthur Morrison

1 exclamation - god blind me. something surprising enough to make one wish they were blind so that they cant see such things.

2 also used as an extra offensive version of limey. it's extra offensive because british are always so down on americans and our love of slang. basically blimey is a thumb in their eye that they have no ground what-so-ever to stand on to justify their inborn doochbaggetry nature.
1 Blimey! did you see that mole rat lookin brit's teeth?

2 gfys blimey, stay the hell out of our constitution and our right to keep and bear arms or we'll ship over there for a quick coup and your queen's head on a pike along with the whole of your house of lords and yes i know this is a run on sentence so go suck your last fag you goddamn douche bags.
by WordRepoMan January 23, 2013
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an expression used when you are flabbergasted at someones actions.
sam: just won my 1000 game of poker in a row.
spud: blimey! your having a laugh mate.
by spudlockage November 09, 2014
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Blimey is a short word of "blind me" or "oh dear" It's used when something goes wrong, etc.
Blimey! The Dog Died.
by SpiffyFire July 18, 2004
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Exclamation of shock or surprise, with a sense of understatement, irony or the inevitability of disappointment.

Often used in response to a setback or depressing news, with a hint of resignation in the face of life's hardships.

Colloquial British English. Also common in Australia and New Zealand.

Variation: Cor blimey.
Similar to crickey.
"Blimey! I never expected the Spanish Inquisition!"

"Blimey!", said with a look of sympathy, in response to a friend's outpouring of emotion after some terrible life crisis.
by not_saying November 08, 2012
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signies disgust, usually said when something goes wrong.
<strick out in baseball> Aaahhhh, blimey.
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A pair of bristols so magnificent that one is compelled to exclaim "Blimey!"
<Cholmondeley> I say, Carruthers, look at the norks on her!

<Carruthers> Blimey!
by Armand Karlsen April 24, 2005
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When drinking a bulldog (a lime martini with a beer tipped into it), the perfect balance between beer and limey.
"This bulldog is is blimey" -Dan the fucking man
by bigbluefis September 30, 2014
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