the period of time inbetween the point of laying down and actually falling asleep at night.
i didn't fall asleep last night for like an hour during my wate.
by sixstringking November 21, 2005
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When I-talians/A-mericanos try to say 'water'.
by Gokalex July 14, 2011
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Wating is w(annabe) dating. You desperately want to date but think you are too good for a datingsite.
Rik: Well, I don't understand why I am still single. Everyone has a partner because they're losers who date on datingsites.
Derek: Oh my god, Rik, you are so obviously wating.
by Donchy November 8, 2014
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Pronounced like "waiting". Two individuals who are attracted to one another, though, they can not or will not be considered dating yet. One can jump in and out of the waiting phase since it is not as serious as dating. Like the term waiting, but in a relationship sense.
Joe: Arent you two dating already?
Tom: No, we're wating.
by TheTwixtr January 16, 2017
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When someone is thirsty for relationship goals and they need a lot of water to quench their thirst

Also a discreet word for The Skeet™
*sees a cute couple* "Goals! Give me some watee!" saod Grace
by ThePokemen January 15, 2016
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An act of sexual self-gratification in which milled cereal grains such as oats or barleycorns are rubbed upon erogenous zones, customarily the pudenda. An atypical gerund, almost always used in the infinitive. Origin obscure, first noted among the Essex teddy boy culture of postwar Britain but plausibly derived from the Norfolk watty or wheatmeal. See also frotage, brown monocle
"No more bashful than any of his frustrated adolescent peers, Jim had launched upon career of carnality with the first tremorous steps of wating behind the Land Girls' dormitory" ('Licky Jim', 1958, Queensly Amis)
by Hubertus Pozwillow December 6, 2007
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Like eating ... but better.
Last night, I was wating a hamburger, and it was really good.
by aynisha December 31, 2005
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