A large bedroom for a number of people in a school or institution. (by google translate)
-It's so much fun to help out in the dormitory
and be a super moe and generic loli
by niviman November 01, 2014
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The place students are obliged to stay during their studentship period. We can say home for unlucky students...
-Where do you live?
by melissavera September 26, 2017
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Archaic term used by jealous Rice Students to refer to Martel College, the ninth and newest residential college at Rice University.
I'm headed to Martel dormitory. HAHA Martel is not a college.

That's right, cuz we're your Daddy.
by Martel Kombat December 19, 2004
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a dormitory that is for both male and female residents, not separated.
i live in a co-ed dormitory, there are boys and girls on my floor living next door to each other.
by Johnna Moore November 01, 2007
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The secluded, only all-male dorm at the University of Texas. It houses about 200 men and resides in the Northeast edge of campus. It was formerly known as Simkins until 2010, when the board discovered that the man was an avid member of the KKK. Most of the residents hate themselves for waiting until mid-May to apply for housing once they arrive on campus. Several residents were forced to live here by their moms because it's not co-ed, and therefore the only "conservative" dorm at UT. This dorm is a sick joke and blows for many different reasons:

1) There are two dining centers on campus and Creekside is equidistant from both. A 10-minute walk up-hill.
2) There are no other dorms by Creekside; the only things close by are a museum and a parking garage.
3) There are off-campus hoodlums that come by at night and cut bike-locks to steal our means of transportation.
4) There are these fucking gnats that occupy a space above the sidewalk to Jester everyday.
5) The immense amounts of pubic hair that get piled on the shower floors.
6) The builders conveniently placed the door hinges for the closet on the wrong side. You have to cram against your drawer just to open the door.

The good things:
1)Its close to a nine-hole municipal golf-course.
2) There's an xbox and a broken 52-inch TV upstairs.
3) There's always a game of Dungeons and Dragons going on in the entertainment room. Cheez-its all-around.
4) There's a group of guys that sometimes smoke a hookah outside at night.
(person #1) "Yo dawg, look at those two losers bouncing a basketball to each other on the sidewalk."

(person #2) "Oh yah man that's Creekside Dormitory (formerly known as Simkins), the shittiest dorm at UT. Only losers stay there."

(person #1) "Oh shit. That blows."

Example #2
(person #1) "Hi my name is so-and-so."

(person #2) "Nice to meet you, my name's so-and-so. I live in Jester...it sucks. Where do you live?"

(person #1) "Oh ok Jester's not that bad. I live in Creekside."

(person #2) "Never heard of it."

(person #1) "It used to be named after a guy named Simkins. He was in the KKK."

Example #3 (60 years ago)

(person #1) "Yo dumbass, you put the door hinges on the wrong side of the closet."

(person #2) "Oh shit...well, it don't matter. It's Simkins."

(person #1) "Oh ya. That's true."
by JFR-Resident of Creekside September 06, 2010
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Busybody student who oversees the maintenance of sanitation in dorm thus often gets deployed by fellow students in cleaning activities as a trump card.
Sally: Oh no, I'll be punished because my room is a total mess. What should I do?!
Julia: Ask Bianka to help you. She lets you mop the floor and scour the toilet with her hair!!
Bianka: That's right because I'm the Dobby of Dormitory after all.
by Lady Slophead January 14, 2019
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